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Financial Aid Information


These links are for applications and information for scholarships through the Arizona State Tax Organization programs.  To submit a donation mail to:


Conchise Christian School Tuition Organization (CCSTO)

      Mary Subia

      1907 E. Loma Lane

      Sierra Vista, Arizona, 85650

Phone:   (520) 456-4961
Email:     [email protected]

For 2015, you can donate up to $535.00 (single) and $1,070.00 (married).  The new Overflow/PLUS Tax Credit will allow donors to receive an additional tax credit up to $532.00 (single) and $1,064.00 (married).  Overflow/PLUS funds can only be awarded to students who meet certain eligiblity requirements. If recommending a specific student, please make a note on the bottom of the form.  You may just identify the school without recommending a student.